A Personal Message From Louise White


You are not alone.
I could write a book about the embarrassing situations I have been in because of my misbehaving bladder.

louise white

I remember sneezing while standing in a coffee shop queue of people waiting patiently for my almond croissant. That classic crossed-legged sneeze, slowly coming back into full stance and internally praying that there was no evidence of my weak bladder not holding up. Then, with a sigh of relief when I think I got away with it and can relax, I suddenly feel the uncontrollable urgency to go to the toilet. Do I leave the queue while my cappuccino is being frothed ready for dunking in my almond croissant or do I exit to find the toilet, fast before an unintentional loss of urine happens?

coffee shop

So, to the women who are avoiding taking part in exercise classes in fear of the dreaded wet patch, to the women who avoid drinking too much water just in case you're caught short before you reach the toilet. To the women who are exhausted because of waking up continuously through the night to nip for a wee. I’ve been there! I know how debilitating and quite frankly embarrassing this condition is.


1 in 4 of us will at some point in our lives struggle with bladder leakage.


I am lucky in the fact that because of my training and profession as a women's health practitioner, I understood what was going on with my Pelvic Floor Muscles.

I knew with age my hormones were changing which affects the way the bladder and the muscles behave. I know that my pregnancy and childbirth contribute to a weak Pelvic Floor. But for those women who have no idea why they are leaking, even if it is a little bit of urine or a huge amount it is hard to seek help.

We all know doing Pelvic Floor exercises is important for our continence, sexual health and wellbeing. But, for many women, they are not sure how to identify those muscles or indeed how to start exercising them. They don’t know that there is a solution. So for those women, it’s a case of accepting that wearing pads will be their only way forward.

floor exercises

In 2018 I came across an amazing technology that was potentially life-changing for me and so many women who are suffering like I was. The Emsella Chair, a ridiculous name I know -, but essentially EM – stands for Electro Magnetic and Sella is Latin for chair. So, this large chair has a cone of energy (the Electro Magnetic part) in the seat of the chair. Women and men can sit on this chair fully clothed and this safe EM energy exercises the muscles in the Pelvic Floor far beyond what we can do naturally ourselves doing Pelvic Floor Exercises.

This super tech chair can exercise and contract our entire pelvic floor muscle fibres! These contractions are called super maximal contractions which means it’s working the muscles at a rate that we could never achieve naturally.

This leads to a significant strengthening of those muscles that hold our pelvic organs including the bladder in place. It’s helping re-educate the muscles to start responding to the pressure placed upon it when we sneeze, jump, laugh or cough. When the muscles start responding then you’re able to withstand the ‘urge, to constantly go to the toilet.


All I can tell you is, you have to experience the power of this process to really grasp what an impact it can have on your life. Many women we are able to help tell me it gives them the freedom to live normally they have craved for so long.
The good news is, I have this incredible chair in my health clinic in Lincoln and it's been a pleasure to get to talk to and help so many women, and men, when it comes to bladder leakage and those horrendous oops moments.


The next step?

Give me a call in confidence and we can see if this is right for you.

Before any treatment, we conduct a thorough consultation to find out the root of your urinary incontinence, its type and how it affects your daily life. We’ll explain how the Emsella Chair works in detail and tell you what to expect from the treatment, and you’ll also be given the chance to ask any questions you may have. You’ll have the opportunity to tell us about any other medical issues, and our supportive, highly professional clinicians will go out of their way to make the entire process as comfortable as possible.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Call me now, in total confidence on 01522 523777 or email info@bodylipolincoln.co.uk